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Withdraw an application

  • Organisations we regulate

This guidance sets out the process for withdrawing an application submitted to us by a provider or manager. It applies to applications to register with us or vary, cancel or remove conditions of registration.

When you can withdraw an application

  • You can withdraw an application at any time unless we have already sent you a 'Notice of Proposal'.
  • In exceptional cases, you can also withdraw an application after we've served a Notice of Proposal, for example if your purchase of a business or premises has fallen through, or if the person making the application has become incapacitated or is no longer eligible.

How to withdraw an application

Please read our guidance document before asking to withdraw an application. It explains the process for withdrawing an application, what happens when you withdraw it and what to do if you need to withdraw more than one application.

To withdraw an application, you will need to complete a request form.

Last updated:
20 June 2017


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