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Services in slimming clinics

  • Organisations we regulate

This regulated activity captures services provided in a slimming clinic that consist of all the following:

  • advice or treatment for the purpose of weight reduction
  • the prescription of medicines for the purpose of weight reduction
  • provided by, or under the supervision of, a registered medical practitioner

Types of service that should be registered for this regulated activity

You may need to register for this regulated activity if you plan to provide any of the following types of service:

  • doctors' consultation service
  • doctors' treatment service


This regulated activity applies if advice or treatment is being provided by or under the supervision of a medical practitioner, and the service includes the prescription of medicines for weight reduction.

It may still be necessary to register for other regulated activities. For example, the regulated activity of 'treatment of disease, disorder or injury' may apply if treatment is also being provided for a condition that is not an obesity/weight disorder.


For this regulated activity, 'clinic' means the activity must be carried out in a physical location rather than being a remote website service.

This activity does not apply in cases where a slimming clinic treats weight loss without the prescribing of medicines.

For example, a slimming clinic that provides diet plans written by or authorised by a medical practitioner will not be required to register unless that service or clinic also prescribes medicine for the purpose of weight loss.

Services prescribing or supervising medicine to treat obesity

If you are a healthcare professional and you treat people for obesity:

  • using a medicine prescribed for this purpose, or
  • supervise treatment of people for obesity with a medicine prescribed for this purpose
  • in a clinic or via an online service

this comes under the regulated activity of treatment of disease, disorder or injury. This is because medicine is prescribed for the treatment. Not all healthcare professionals need to register for this activity, for example pharmacists.

If you are unclear if obesity treatment you deliver is for cosmetic purposes, or your registration is correct contact us.

Last updated:
25 September 2020