Registration: Flu and COVID-19 vaccination arrangements

Page last updated: 22 January 2024
Organisations we regulate

Providers may deliver flu, and coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccinations by different delivery models.

There is an expectation that providers will structure their vaccination service to meet high demand and the specific requirements set out by manufacturers of individual vaccines, such as cold chain preservation. These considerations apply for all population groups, including children and young people.

Providers will need to consider how they will be arranging vaccination services. For example:

  • are you planning to be working alone or with other providers (for example, as part of a Primary Care Network)?
  • where will you be delivering the vaccinations (the vaccination site)?
  • what are your current conditions of registration?
  • if you are working with other providers, who is responsible for the quality and safety of the service?

We give some examples of possible models of vaccine delivery by providers and identify if these are registration requirements or notification changes. Most existing providers will only need to submit a statutory notification. However, if you are unsure whether you need to change your existing registration arrangements, please contact us at

Examples with registration requirements

You are already registered to carry on the regulated activity at the proposed location. No application or notification is necessary.

You must be clear who will be responsible for carrying on the regulated activity (and for the quality and safety of the service). If the host will be responsible, you will not need to make any application. The host is already registered to carry on the regulated activity at the proposed location and no application is necessary.

If you will be responsible, you:

We would not inspect this service separately. We would include it as part of any inspection of your main practice or Trust location.

You will not need to make any application to vary your registration.

If you are responsible (as a lead provider), you will need to:

We may inspect this location separately.

Groups of providers could work together at such sites to deliver vaccinations to patients from any practice within the group. This would include groups in a Primary Care Network or arrangements between NHS trusts and other registered providers. In these cases, providers could either:


  • all the providers share responsibility. They should all update their statement of purpose to tell us they are running the vaccination site as a ‘satellite’ of their own practice or NHS trust registration.