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Registered managers

  • Organisations we regulate

Unless you're an individual provider (sole trader) in day-to-day charge of all your regulated activities, you'll need to appoint a registered manager.

You must submit your registered manager's application at the same time as your new provider application.

If you are applying online using our Provider Portal, the system will automatically send an email to any registered manager(s) you require for your application. The email will contain the web address and password they will need to log into the system and complete their registered manager application online. The advantage of applying online is that your registered manager's application, once completed, will automatically be included with your main application, reducing the risk that the application will be rejected.

If you are registering with us and taking over locations from an existing registered provider, and any of the registered managers wish to continue their registration managing the same type of service and the same regulated activities at the same location(s), you should use a different process.

New provider application with continuing registered manager


7. Before you start

Last updated:
18 March 2019


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