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Accommodation for people who require nursing or personal care

  • Organisations we regulate

This regulated activity involves providing residential accommodation and together with personal care (for example, a care home) or nursing care (for example, a nursing home).

Types of service that should be registered for this regulated activity

If you are planning on providing any of the following types of service then it is highly likely you will need to register for this regulated activity:

  • Care home
  • Nursing home
  • Specialist college service.

Further guidance

It is important to consider the relationship between the accommodation provider and the care provider – whether personal care or nursing care is provided 'together with' the accommodation or whether they are provided separately – so that we can be clear about where the boundaries of responsibility lie.

Further education sector

In some cases, this activity includes accommodation together with personal or nursing care provided in an institution in the further education sector. For this activity to apply in the further education sector, more than 10 per cent of the students receiving both accommodation and education at the institution in question must also be receiving personal or nursing care. We will normally judge this by considering student numbers over 12 months, rather than just on a single day.

An institution within the further education sector means an institution conducted by a further education corporation, or an institution designated as such by an order of the Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families.

This activity does not include the provision of accommodation for people who require nursing or personal care in schools.

Shared Lives schemes

This activity is explicitly exempt from the provision of accommodation together with personal or nursing care to an individual by a Shared Lives scheme under the terms of a carer agreement. Shared Lives schemes should register only for the regulated activity 'personal care' if personal care is being provided and not the regulated activity of 'accommodation for persons who require nursing or personal care'. See the section on personal care for more information.

Personal care

You do not have to additionally register for the activities of personal care or nursing care if you provide 'Accommodation for persons who require nursing or personal care'. The only exception to this would be if, as a provider, you also provide domiciliary care as a separate service. However, a provider may need to apply for other regulated activities where these apply. For example, a care home that also has intermediate care or palliative care services provided by one of its own health care professionals, may need to think about also registering for 'treatment of disease, disorder or injury'.

Last updated:
04 February 2019