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Manager application: Vary or cancel a suspension of registration

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What types of service do you manage?

The form you need to use will depend on the types of service you manage. There are two forms below. One is for managers of GPs and other primary medical services. The other is for managers of other health and care service.

GPs and primary medical services

Who is this form for?

This form is for use by providers or managers of primary medical services. It should only be used by providers or managers who have had their registration suspended and wish to now vary or lift this suspension.

When this form might be used

A manager responsible for services at a walk-in centre has his registration suspended until he meets a list of conditions. Once he has met them, he will need to apply to us to lift the suspension. In this situation, or equivalent ones, this is the form that will need to be used.

Last updated:
29 May 2017


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