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Registration for new managers

  • Organisations we regulate

Applying online

To apply to become a registered manager online using the CQC Provider Portal, you must first have received an invitation by email. You might have received the email because a provider you work for is applying for its registration online. Or it might be because you've been invited by someone you work with, who already has a Provider Portal account.

If you have not received an email invitation containing a link and a password, then you will have to apply to register using the Word application form.

Applying using the Word form

If you are applying using Word, to ensure your application is processed without delays or to avoid it being rejected, follow our guide and make sure you supply all the necessary forms and documents.

Additional sections

There is also a supplementary section to the form for managers where more than one location is included in the application. You will need to use one copy of this section for each additional location.

Last updated:
21 July 2020