Add a location - manager application

Page last updated: 16 May 2022
Organisations we regulate

Apply to carry out an activity we regulate already at a new location.

If the activity we regulate is not already included in your registration, you need to apply to add a regulated activity.

If you're moving to a new provider, you need to cancel your entire registration.

How to apply

If you have an account with the CQC Provider Portal, you can send us your application online.

Apply online

If you don't have access to the Provider Portal, you can apply by filling in these forms:

Tell us about the new location

Use this form to add the first or only location.

Add a location: Manager application

More than one new location

If you want to add more than one location, you also need to fill in one of these forms for each additional location.

Additional Section 3: Information about a new location

Send us the forms

Send your completed forms to

Other forms you might need