Using the CQC widget - troubleshooting

Page last updated: 26 April 2022
Organisations we regulate

Every place that we regulate has its own widget to embed on a website. It shows a summary of the results of our latest checks along with a link to its full profile on this website.

Anybody can use the widget as long as they abide by our terms and conditions. For example:

  1. providers who must display their ratings on their website
  2. providers who are not rated yet or do not need to display ratings can show they are regulated and inspected by us
  3. online directories giving information to people choosing health and social care

Widget code

The widget code looks like this:

<script type="text/javascript" 

Replace the text LocationID with your location ID.

Some providers can also use their provider level widget. You can download the code from your provider profile page.

Widget displays on website, but does not show a rating


  • your service has been rated
  • you are using the widget link on your service location page and not on your provider page
    • your service location page is the one that shows your ratings
    • only NHS trusts have widgets at provider level

The widget code (see above) should include 'type=location' near the end. If it includes 'type=provider', you are trying to use the provider code instead.

Widget does not display on your website

You may need to ask your website administrator, hosting provider or website developer to help you.

Test the widget is working properly

Follow these steps:

  • Create a new file in Notepad or any text editor
    • add start and finish <html> and <body> tags
    • insert the widget code in between the <body> tags
    • save the file as 'widget.html'
  • Upload this file to your server and view the page in a web browser
    • for a standard out-of-the-box Apache webserver, view http://localhost/[location]/widget.html.
    • for a remote webserver, the address will look something like
  • If the widget doesn’t display
    • make sure the server is running
    • try viewing the page in different browsers (for example Google Chrome, Firefox, etc) before logging a support request with us

We do not provide any support on how to install, uninstall, configure, run a webserver on your local machine.

If the displays successfully in this case, the problem is probably around how

  • you have embedded the widget into your website, or
  • your website accepts HTML

Widget is not displaying on page, yet other items are


  • is there a syntax or typing error in the widget code?
  • are there any <div> tags around the widget code? If so, make sure their ‘display’ property is not set to ‘none’ or ‘visibility’ is not ‘hidden’
  • if you’re using CSS, check the same items in the CSS file

Using a content management system (CMS)

You will usually paste the widget code into an HTML/code window. There may be a restriction in your CMS on the type of code you can use. Your CMS administrator or super administrator should be able to lift the restriction and use our code.

Widget shows in some browsers

The widget works in most popular browsers. If you're using a commonly used browser, send us a request and we can look if we can support it.

Widget still does not display

You will need to create an online display of ratings using our promotional materials.

Managing the widget

Removing the widget from your website

To do so, remove the code from your website. If you must display your ratings, do not remove the code unless you have another, equally effective, method to display ratings online.

Get in touch

Email us at or tweet us at @CQCsyndication with queries.

Creating a directory including widgets

You can download our directory of the places providing CQC regulated care as a CSV file. You can use this to create a directory website.

To include widgets in a directory to show our live information:

  • download the CSV file
    • each location has a 'CQC location ID'
    • we use this in the URL for each widget
    • for example the location ID for the Royal Free Hospital is 'ral01' and its widget is at
  • incorporate this coding within the directory


Terms and conditions of using the CQC widget

Display of ratings

Download our data

You can download our complete directory of services by visiting our page on how to use our information and data.