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Requesting a review of one or more CQC ratings

  • Organisations we regulate

A rating review involves checking if we followed our published processes in making ratings decisions and awarding the rating(s).

How and when to request a review

You can only request a review after we have published your inspection report on this website.

To request a review of one or more ratings you must:

  • use the correct online form, either for a:
    • single service-type provider or
    • combined provider
      (links to these forms are at the end of this page)
  • submit your request within 15 working days of publication of your report
  • limit your request to 500 words (combined providers have 500 words for each service).

We will return requests which are over the word limit for you to resubmit. This may delay consideration of your request.

Grounds for review

The only grounds (reasons) for requesting a rating review are that we have failed to follow our process for making ratings decisions.

A rating review does not involve reconsidering the evidence and ratings awarded, unless there has been a defect in the process.

You cannot ask for a review of ratings on the basis that you disagree with our judgments.

Any request for a review must relate solely to the latest final inspection report. We cannot consider references to previous reports or those for other providers or locations.

You have a single opportunity to request a ratings review. If we do not uphold a request for review, you cannot submit another request from the same inspection report.

Completing the online form

It must be completed by your:

  • registered manager, or
  • nominated individual or
  • Chief Executive (if an NHS Trust)

It asks you:

  • for registered details of your service (included in your inspection report letter)
  • which ratings you wish to request a review of
  • to set out the grounds on which you wish to request a review. You must limit these to 500 words for each service (except for larger NHS trusts and independent hospitals that provide several core services or have multiple locations).

You can:

  • give the email address of an additional contact
  • save and exit the form at any time and return to it later.

When you submit your form we will email a copy of your completed form to all the email addresses you provide.

Single service-type

Single service type: a provider whose published report covers services delivered in only one of the following areas:

  • acute hospitals (NHS trusts or independent)
  • adult social care (residential and community)
  • ambulance services (NHS or independent)
  • community healthcare services (NHS or independent). these include community learning disability, mental health, or substance abuse services
  • hospice services
  • independent doctors and clinics providing primary care
  • mental health services (NHS trusts or independent)
  • NHS GP practices and out-of-hours services
  • online primary care provider
  • single specialty service
  • cosmetic surgery including hair transplant (involving a surgical procedure)
  • independent standalone substance misuse services

Request a review: online form for single service-type providers

Combined providers

Combined provider: one provider delivers multiple services spanning across the health and social care sectors. For example, mental health, community health, and care homes.

Combined providers receive an overall provider rating as well as ratings for the services inspected. This provider rating is aggregated from all the service ratings.

If you want to request a rating review for only one of the services reported on, complete the single service type form.

Request a review: online form for combined providers


Last updated:
11 May 2020