Display of ratings: Community-based adult social care

Page last updated: 12 May 2022
Organisations we regulate

These are the ways you should display your ratings if you operate:

  • community-based adult social care services

This includes domiciliary care, supported living and Shared Lives.


Premises poster: display at the premises it relates to.

Display at:

  • every premises where you provide a regulated activity
  • your main place of business

You do not need to display posters:

  • if your main place of business is your own home and people who use your services do not visit it
  • in a person’s home if you are delivering care to them in their own home (including supported living and Shared Lives)
  • in vehicles


You will have ratings for your individual service.

You must display your current rating on every website you operate that describes the services you deliver.

Display your rating on a permanent page where it is:

  • frequently visited by the public (people who use services or those acting on their behalf)
  • conspicuous
  • obvious what service the rating relates to
  • found through your main website navigation.

Display your rating on the main homepage or on appropriate landing pages.

How to display your ratings