Display of ratings: Acute hospital (NHS)

Page last updated: 12 May 2022
Organisations we regulate

These are the ways you should display your ratings if you operate:

  • an NHS acute hospital


Provider-level poster: you only need to display this if we have not awarded a rating for the premises. For example, at your head office.

Premises poster: display at the premises it relates to.

Activity poster for core services:

  • display alongside either the premises poster or the provider poster
  • if you provide more than 12 core or specialist services, this poster prints on two pages. You should display both pages.

Where to display them

  • at the main entrances where as many people as possible can see them
  • if you provide a community-based service, where people who use your service can see the poster when they visit the premises
  • if you provide a specialist service from a location that has not been rated, but you have received an overall rating at provider level, you must display your overall provider rating there
  • you can display additional posters showing your ratings at the entrances to wards or clinics where you deliver core services, but you do not have to


You will have:

  • a provider level rating
  • ratings for individual services

You must display your current rating on every website you operate that describes the services you deliver.

Display your rating on a permanent page where it is:

  • frequently visited by the public (people who use services or those acting on their behalf)
  • conspicuous
  • obvious what service the rating relates to
  • found through your main website navigation.

Put ratings on a context-specific page if possible. For example, include a hospital rating on the main page for that hospital. If you don’t have premises-specific pages, you must still display your premises ratings online.

How to display your ratings