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Page last updated: 1 March 2024
Organisations we regulate

We are developing a new CQC portal.

Our existing portal will become read only on 11 March 2024 and close on the 31 March 2024.

New CQC portal

We are rolling out the new portal in stages.

From 11 March all providers can sign up to our new portal. Until that date you must wait for an invitation from us. If you have been invited to join the new portal, see your invitation email 'New CQC portal: sign up today'.

To sign up

  1. Follow the link from the email we send you
  2. Enter your email address
  3. Select ‘verification code’
  4. A verification code will be sent to the email address you enter. Once received, enter the code and click 'verify code'
  5. Choose and confirm your password
  6. Select ‘create’
  7. You now have an account and can sign-in.

If you use our existing portal

Register on the new portal as soon as we send you an invite

Your existing account will not transfer to the new portal automatically. You must register on the new portal. Make sure:

  • your contact details are up-to-date
  • to check emails from us

Using our existing portal

You can still make notifications and registration changes for now. There are also word forms you can use and email to us:

We recommend you download any registrations or other forms you are working on in the existing portal by 11 March. This will ensure you have a copy of any data you have not submitted to us.

Between 11 March and 31 March 2024 you can use the existing portal to view your data but not make any changes or submissions. Your historic data will not transfer to our new portal. You will need to download your data if you want to keep a record.

How to download from the existing portal

To download your submitted applications, notification or certificates:

  1. Log in to the existing portal
  2. Go to “History”, in the top right of the homepage
  3. Select 'Update history' so all items display
  4. Find the item you want, this list could extend to many pages but is in date order
  5. Open the PDF version of the item
  6. Save the PDF– you can select a specific folder or it will save to your download folder

Check and update your registered email address

You are a registered person if you are a:

  • registered individual
  • partner in a partnership
  • nominated individual
  • registered manager

You must make sure your contact details are correct and your email is unique and current. Emails should be, for example, ‘firstname.lastname@provider.co.uk’ rather than ‘manager@’, ‘info@’ ‘contact@’.

Check your email address by 11 March:

  • log into your account
  • select ‘Registration’ (across the top) and scroll down to ‘Your details’
  • check your email address.

Correct your email address, if necessary, by selecting:

  • ‘Your details’ down arrow
  • ‘Update your details’
  • ‘Start the form’

Follow the instructions to change your registered email address. Your new address will then be ready when the new portal for your registration.

Log in to existing portal

Log in

Log into the existing provider portal

New portal: see your invitation email for instructions