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Page last updated: 23 May 2024
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We are developing our new CQC portal.

We are aware of the issues. While some providers are able to use the new portal as expected, there are others who have not had a smooth experience.

We are working hard to make key improvements and are continuing to use provider feedback. Thank you to those who have worked with us and for your patience while we continue to improve.

Create your account on the new CQC provider portal

To create your account you must have a unique email address that only you use, for example, ‘firstname.lastname@provider.co.uk’.

We will send you a verification code as part of the process.

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What you can do on the new portal


  • Allegations of abuse (safeguarding)  (SN18)
  • Death of a detained mental health patient  (SN17)
  • Death of a person using the service  (SN16)
  • Events that stop a service running safely and properly  (SN 18)
  • Serious injury to a person using the service (SN 18). 

Submit other types of notification by email.


  • Register as a new provider
  • Register as a new manager
  • Cancel your provider registration
  • Cancel your manager registration

We will keep you up-to-date with portal developments through our regular provider bulletins.

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Create your account on the new CQC provider portal

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Find out what you need to do to register as a provider before you start your online application.