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Sexual assault referral centres

  • Organisations we regulate

We inspect all registered sexual assault referral centres in England.

We define this type of service as:

'A place or service whose primary or main purpose is the provision of regulated activities to people who are or may have been the victims of a sexual offence within the meaning of the Sexual Offences Act 2003.'

Sexual assault referral services are delivered through different organisational models, including:

  • NHS organisations working from NHS premises
  • combined Police and NHS providers working from private premises, NHS premises or police premises
  • independent providers working from private premises but providing a service to NHS patients

Following an inspection, we make a judgement on whether a service is meeting the regulations and necessary legal requirements. This is based on our assessment of the evidence we gather against our key lines of enquiry and the additional specific prompts for providers of sexual assault referral centres. We do not currently have the legal powers to award a rating for the quality of care provided.


Last updated:
02 July 2020