Make a representation

Page last updated: 25 January 2024
Organisations we regulate

If CQC takes civil enforcement action the relevant registered person has the right to make representations to us.

You can make a representation if we:

  • issue a Warning Notice
  • impose, vary or remove conditions of registration
  • suspend registration, or extend the period of suspension of registration
  • cancel registration.

Warning Notices

A registered person must make representations against a warning notice in writing within 10 working days of CQC serving the notice.

Read our guidance on making representations against a warning notice:

Enforcement guidance: Warning notices

Please note: there is no right of appeal to the First-Tier Tribunal against a warning notice; you can only make representations to us about it.

Please send your representations form by email to

Notice of proposal

A registered person can make a representation against a notice of proposal before we decide whether to adopt it and serve a notice of decision. You must make a representation within 28 days of CQC serving the notice.

If we issue a notice of decision, a provider can appeal about it to the First-tier Tribunal.

Read our guidance about making representations against a notice of proposal.

Please send your representations form by email to