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Make a representation

  • Organisations we regulate

If CQC takes civil enforcement action the relevant registered person has the right to make representations to us.

You can make a representation if we:

  • issue a Warning Notice
  • impose, vary or remove conditions of registration
  • suspend registration, or extend the period of suspension of registration
  • cancel registration.

Warning Notices

A registered person must make representations against a warning notice in writing within 10 working days of CQC serving the notice.

See our guidance on making representations against a warning notice:

Please use this form to make representations:

Please note: there is no right of appeal to the First-Tier Tribunal against a warning notice; you can only make representations to us about it.

Please send your representations form by email to

Notice of proposal

A registered person can make a representation against a notice of proposal before we decide whether to adopt it and serve a notice of decision. You must make a representation within 28 days of CQC serving the notice.

If we issue a notice of decision, a provider can appeal about it to the First-tier Tribunal.

See our guidance about making representations against a notice of proposal.

Please use this form to make a representation:

We will consider all representations and aim to respond to them within 20 working days.

Please note: Each form only covers one regulated activity (please specify which one in the appropriate section of the form).

To make representations about more than one regulated activity, you must complete and submit a separate form for each one.

Please send your representations form by email to

Last updated:
28 October 2020