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Allegations of abuse (safeguarding) – notification form

  • Organisations we regulate

When and how to tell us about abuse or allegations of abuse concerning a person using your service.

How to notify us

If you have an account with the CQC Provider Portal, you can send us your notification online.

Notify us online

If you do not have access to the Provider Portal, you can notify us by filling in a form and emailing it to

NHS trusts report allegations of abuse through the NRLS. They do not need to notify us separately.

When you need to tell us about abuse or an allegation of abuse

You must tell us when people using your service are:

  • affected by abuse (or alleged abuse)
  • an abuser (or alleged abuser)
  • both affected and an abuser (or alleged abuser)
Last updated:
2 May 2018


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