How we work with providers at corporate level

Page last updated: 12 May 2022
Organisations we regulate

We work with some larger care providers in a more structured way at their corporate level. This is because their services have an impact on significant numbers of people because of their size, complexity of provision or market share.

Many of these providers operate services across multiple geographic regions and service sectors.

We've set out our approach in the document Working with providers at corporate level. We developed the approach with engagement from internal and external stakeholders from all of the service sectors we work with.

Why we work with providers at corporate level

We recognise that there's a direct correlation between quality at location level (where people experience care) and the strategic direction, leadership and cultural expectations set at corporate level. By engaging with providers at their corporate level, we aim to work together to influence the quality of services at location level and drive improvements.

Benefits for providers

Through this approach providers will have:

  • A named point of contact at CQC.
  • A forum to:
    • Exchange information about organisational plans and developments.
    • Provide feedback on our methodology and regulatory approach.
    • Share innovative practice.
    • Share information about the challenges and issues providers are experiencing in the operating environment that are affecting the provision of services.
  • An opportunity for regular corporate-level discussion about quality and performance.
  • An opportunity to influence the development and implementation of our next strategy.