Levels of ratings: online services, independent doctors and clinics

Page last updated: 12 May 2022
Organisations we regulate

We generally rate online primary care services, independent doctor services and clinics at two levels.

Level 1: A rating for each key question for the location/service.

Level 2: An overall rating for the service. This will be an aggregated rating informed by our findings at level 1.

The following example shows how the two levels work together:

Sometimes, we won’t be able to award a rating. This could be because:

  • the service is new
  • we don’t have enough evidence
  • the service has recently been reconfigured, such as being taken over by a new provider.

In these cases, we will use the term ‘inspected but not rated’. We may also suspend a rating at any level. For example, we may have identified significant concerns which, after reviewing but before a full assessment, lead us to reconsider our previous rating. In this case, we would suspend our rating and then investigate the concerns.