Public statements

Page last updated: 12 May 2022
Organisations we regulate

We will publish a statement on this website for those services we consider to be lower risk at the time of the review. The statements will appear on the reports tab for each service. We will refresh the statements every month, provided that our information review does not find any risks or concerns.

The public statement will tell providers and people who use services that we have not found evidence that tells us we need to re-assess the rating or quality of care at that service at that time. This will give the public a more up-to-date view of quality.

We will send an email to providers to confirm when a public statement is published and refreshed.

Where we do find risks or concerns, we will not publish the statement and we will respond appropriately depending on the level of risk indicated by our review. This could include contacting the provider or carrying out an inspection.

Although we will refresh statements every month, we will continue to monitor all services. We could take urgent action if we receive information about serious risk. If this happens, we can remove a public statement in exceptional cases. Similarly, if a service has a public statement one month, there is no guarantee that will remain in place the following month as new information may indicate higher risk.