Safe care and treatment (healthcare services)

Page last updated: 12 May 2022
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S3. Do staff have all the information they need to deliver safe care and treatment to people?

S3.1 Are people's individual care records, including clinical data, written and managed in a way that keeps people safe?

S3.2 Is all the information needed to deliver safe care and treatment available to relevant staff in a timely and accessible way? (This may include test and imaging results, care and risk assessments, care plans and case notes.)

S3.3 When people move between teams, services and organisations (which may include at referral, discharge, transfer and transition), is all the information needed for their ongoing care shared appropriately, in a timely way and in line with relevant protocols?

S3.4 How well do the systems that manage information about people who use services support staff, carers and partner agencies to deliver safe care and treatment? (This includes coordination between different electronic and paper-based systems and appropriate access for staff to records.)