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Privacy and dignity: good

  • Organisations we regulate

C3. How is people's privacy and dignity respected and promoted?

Characteristics of services we would rate as good in this area

People who use services, those close to them and staff all understand the expectations of the service around privacy and dignity.

Staff recognise the importance of people's privacy and dignity, respect it at all times and they challenge behaviour and practices that fall short of this. Staff develop trusting relationships with people.

People's confidentiality is respected at all times. Legal requirements about data protection are met. When people's care and support is provided by a mix of different providers, the service minimises risks to privacy and confidentiality.

People are enabled to manage their own health and care when they can, and to maintain independence.

People have free access to their family, friends and community. Any restrictions to this are unavoidable or demonstrably in their best interests.

Last updated:
13 October 2017