Management of risk and performance (healthcare services)

Page last updated: 11 April 2022
Organisations we regulate

W5. Are there clear and effective processes for managing risks, issues and performance?

W5.1 Are there comprehensive assurance systems, and are performance issues escalated appropriately through clear structures and processes? Are these regularly reviewed and improved?

W5.2 Are there processes to manage current and future performance? Are these regularly reviewed and improved?

W5.3 Is there a systematic programme of clinical and internal audit to monitor quality, operational and financial processes, and systems to identify where action should be taken?

W5.4 Are there robust arrangements for identifying, recording and managing risks, issues and mitigating actions? Is there alignment between the recorded risks and what staff say is 'on their worry list'?

W5.5 Are potential risks taken into account when planning services, for example seasonal or other expected or unexpected fluctuations in demand, or disruption to staffing or facilities?

W5.6 When considering developments to services or efficiency changes, how is the impact on quality and sustainability assessed and monitored? Are there examples of where financial pressures have compromised care?