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Leadership capacity and capability (healthcare services)

  • Organisations we regulate

W1. Is there the leadership capacity and capability to deliver high-quality, sustainable care?

W1.1 Do leaders have the skills, knowledge, experience and integrity that they need – both when they are appointed and on an ongoing basis?

W1.2 Do leaders understand the challenges to quality and sustainability, and can they identify the actions needed to address them?

W1.3 Are leaders visible and approachable?

W1.4 Are there clear priorities for ensuring sustainable, compassionate, inclusive and effective leadership, and is there a leadership strategy or development programme, which includes succession planning?

Case studies

Wexham Park Hospital introduced new feedback mechanisms to demonstrate that patient concerns were being taken seriously by the leadership. Everyone who makes contact via the ‘Ask Andrew’ webpage receives a personal response from the chief executive, Sir Andrew Morris.


Last updated:
04 May 2018