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Kindness, respect and compassion (healthcare services)

C1. How does the service ensure that people are treated with kindness, respect, and compassion, and that they are given emotional support when needed?

C1.1 Do staff understand and respect the personal, cultural, social and religious needs of people and how these may relate to care needs, and do they take these into account in the way they deliver services? Is this information recorded and shared with other services or providers?

C1.2 Do staff take the time to interact with people who use the service and those close to them in a respectful and considerate way?

C1.3 Do staff show an encouraging, sensitive and supportive attitude to people who use services and those close to them?

C1.4 Do staff raise concerns about disrespectful, discriminatory or abusive behaviour or attitudes?

C1.5 Do staff understand the impact that a person’s care, treatment or condition will have on their wellbeing and on those close to them, both emotionally and socially?

C1.6 Are people given appropriate and timely support and information to cope emotionally with their care, treatment or condition? Are they advised how to find other support services?

Last updated:
13 October 2017