Governance and management (healthcare services)

Page last updated: 12 May 2022
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W4. Are there clear responsibilities, roles and systems of accountability to support good governance and management?

W4.1 Are there effective structures, processes and systems of accountability to support the delivery of the strategy and good quality, sustainable services? Are these regularly reviewed and improved?

W4.2 Do all levels of governance and management function effectively and interact with each other appropriately?

W4.3 Are staff at all levels clear about their roles and do they understand what they are accountable for, and to whom?

W4.4 Are arrangements with partners and third-party providers governed and managed effectively to encourage appropriate interaction and promote coordinated, person-centred care?

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Applies to
specialist mental health services

W4.5 Are there robust arrangements to make sure that hospital managers discharge their specific powers and duties according to the provisions of the Mental Health Act 1983?