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Engagement and involvement (healthcare services)

  • Organisations we regulate

W7. Are the people who use services, the public, staff and external partners engaged and involved to support high-quality sustainable services?

W7.1 Are people's views and experiences gathered and acted on to shape and improve the services and culture? Does this include people in a range of equality groups?

W7.2 Are people who use services, those close to them and their representatives actively engaged and involved in decision-making to shape services and culture? Does this include people in a range of equality groups?

W7.3 Are staff actively engaged so that their views are reflected in the planning and delivery of services and in shaping the culture? Does this include those with a protected equality characteristic?

W7.4 Are there positive and collaborative relationships with external partners to build a shared understanding of challenges within the system and the needs of the relevant population, and to deliver services to meet those needs?

W7.5 Is there transparency and openness with all stakeholders about performance?

Case studies

Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust held listening events to examine the culture of the organisation, values and behaviours, and levels of service and care. The events involved separate focus groups with patients and staff.
University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust improved the quality of its correspondence in response to complaints from patients who found the letters to be confusing and unclear.
Hinchingbrooke Hospital introduced a passport that gives certain carers access to free or concessionary services at the hospital, along with access to a nurse whose sole role is to care for those carers.
East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust aimed to improve the quality and experience of one-to-one care for vulnerable patients through successful initiatives trailed on three wards. Following immediate patient benefits, the project was rolled out to other wards and learning shared with trusts across the country.
Local people were fully involved in the development of University Hospitals Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust’s new maternity unit. The trust also introduced suggestions from parents.
Wexham Park Hospital introduced new feedback mechanisms to demonstrate that patient concerns were being taken seriously by the leadership. Everyone who makes contact via the ‘Ask Andrew’ webpage receives a personal response from the chief executive, Sir Andrew Morris.

Last updated:
15 May 2018