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Dental mythbuster 32: Wellbeing of dentists and the dental team

  • Organisations we regulate,
  • Dental service

Here we highlight areas where practitioners may need support, and where to turn for help.

Wellbeing and support for dental practitioners

Dental practitioners often have to balance:

  • their clinical and professional duties
  • being an employer
  • maintaining a business, either their own or as part of a corporate group.

The General Dental Council (GDC) is clear that the interests of patients must come first. This can make dentists anxious about whether their professional behaviour might come under scrutiny. At the same time, opportunities to seek support and guidance may not be obvious.

Society is becoming more litigious. This too can create anxiety for dental professionals.

Wellbeing and support for the whole practice team

Dentists and practice teams may need support in many areas. For example, concerns are often raised, and regulatory breaches occur around:

  • clinical and ethical decision making
  • practice management
  • health and wellbeing.

Where can you get support?

Dentists may feel professionally isolated even in a large dental practice. It is important to form positive, helpful relationships with colleagues for mutual support.

This list is not exhaustive but gives sources of help and support.

When we inspect

We use these regulations when we review if the practice is safe, effective, responsive, caring and well-led. When we inspect, we look at the culture of the organisation. This relates to:

It is part of our key lines of enquiry (KLOEs). In particular:

Last updated:
07 April 2021