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Success factor 1: Committed leadership

Leaders are enthusiastic and committed to equality and human rights. This should be the business of all leaders.

Staff and leadership

Shadon House Dementia Resource Centre, care home specialising in dementia care, respite and assessment.

  • The whole management team work with all members of staff.
  • Managers show respect for staff at every level - they will only ask them to do something they are prepared to do themselves.
  • All staff are included in three handover sessions a day.
  • All staff are well supported with supervision, discussion at staff meetings and development sessions. These include deprivation of liberty, confidentiality and duty of candour
  • Staff are passionate about what they do. There is good continuity of care thanks to low staff turnover.

Culture change

East London NHS Foundation Trust, mental health and community trust.

The trust changed the way it viewed performance. They shifted from performance matrices to looking at their culture and how to create a supportive environment for staff to provide the best care. Enthusiastic leaders are willing to question how the trust works and where they could improve.

They have brought together quality improvement approaches and commitments to equality and human rights. This means the trust has encouraged improvement initiatives that look at equality for staff and equality and human rights for patients.

Beyond the clinical hierarchy

The Doc's Surgery, city centre practice with 7,500 registered patients.

There is a team effort from cleaners to the GPs. They make opportunities for everyone to contribute and staff enjoy working on new projects to improve care.

Many of these projects have an equality focus because of the population the practice serves. For example, as they have the highest number of HIV+ patients in the country, their projects aim to serve this group better.

The Docs go the extra mile for their patients. Their outstanding rating is good for attracting new staff and for recognising and motivating existing staff.

Clear vision, governance and equality monitoring

Treloar college residential further education college for students with a physical disability.

The college communicated their vision and mission statement clearly. It is to "create a world where physically disabled young people learn to take control of their lives and dare to dream".

They do this by removing barriers and providing opportunities to learn, develop independence and realise potential. The college values are "working together, embracing continuous self and team improvement, acting with integrity, respecting diversity and each other, and service excellence."

The college publishes objectives for equality, diversity and inclusion and report them each term to senior management and the board of governors. They analyse student survey results according to students' sex and ethnicity to see if there is any variation in how students view the college.

Last updated:
25 October 2018


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