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Page last updated: 27 April 2022
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What does the online community do?

Our online community is comprised of CQC registered providers and health and social care professionals. Members of the online community can feed back on our new documents and other developments, and other activities we are planning, to help us develop useful and meaningful content and processes.

Who can join?

The online community is for providers of care services and health and social care professionals (and other related not-for-profit organisations such as charities or voluntary groups).

As well as hosting a general discussion forum, the community is set up with specific groups for providers of:

  • adult social care
  • dental services
  • healthcare services
  • primary medical services

If you don’t meet the eligibility criteria above, you can get involved with our work in a number of different ways:

Sign up now

If you would like to register for the CQC online community for providers and professionals, you can do so on the community sign up page.

Online community events

Once you've signed up you can take part in our online live Q&A events.

You'll also be able to view the Q&As after the events, once you've logged in.

Any queries?

If you have a query about the online community or need help with signing up, please send an email to:

If you have a query that is not related to the online community please Contact us.