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Vision and strategy: requires improvement

  • Organisations we regulate

W1. Is there a clear vision and credible strategy to deliver high-quality care and support, and promote a positive culture that is person-centred, open, inclusive and empowering, which achieves good outcomes for people?

Characteristics of services we would rate as requires improvement in this area

People say that the service is not always well-led. The service does not have well-developed statements of its vision and values. Where they exist, they do not include key elements such as compassion, openness, involvement, dignity and equality. There is a poor understanding of equality, diversity and human rights principles in the leadership of the service.

Support for staff from managers is inconsistent. Managers may not lead effectively. Managers and staff do not share an understanding of the risks and issues facing the service. Legal requirements are not always understood or met. Cover for absent managers does not ensure consistent leadership. Managers are not always clear about their responsibilities.

Feedback to staff can be haphazard; they may not be clear about what they need to do to improve. Not all staff understand their roles and responsibilities.

Equality and diversity are not consistently promoted and the causes of workforce inequality are not always identified or adequately addressed. Staff do not always feel they are treated equitably.

Last updated:
21 August 2017


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