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Suitable staff and staff cover: outstanding

  • Organisations we regulate

S3. How does the service make sure that there are sufficient numbers of suitable staff to support people to stay safe and meet their needs?

Characteristics of services we would rate as outstanding in this area

Whenever possible, people are actively involved in decisions about the staff who will provide their care and support, for example in relation to recruiting or choosing the staff who will work with them.

Staff proactively anticipate and mitigate risks to people's safety and feel their skills are being used effectively.

The service is recognised as having an exceptional and inclusive approach to promoting the safety of its staff, and is seen as a good place to work by staff and external organisations.

Staff and people help to develop innovative safety training that is inclusive and comprehensive. The impact of this is evaluated and feeds into continuous improvement. Staff report that they have been provided with excellent training and ongoing support to support people to stay safe and empower them to take appropriate risks.

The service deals with issues of poor performance immediately and ensures staff are supported to improve.

Last updated:
15 August 2017


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