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Privacy and dignity: inadequate

  • Organisations we regulate

C3. How are people's privacy, dignity and independence respected and promoted?

Characteristics of services we would rate as inadequate in this area

People’s privacy, dignity and confidentiality are not respected. Not treating people, families and friends with kindness, respect and compassion is widespread.

Staff do not understand the importance of privacy, dignity and human rights. Staff routines and preferences take priority over consistent care and people’s preferences. Managers have little understanding of the impact of this approach on people’s wellbeing and needs.

People do not get the support they need to experience a comfortable, dignified or pain-free death.

Legal requirements about confidentiality are not met. Information about people is not kept or shared securely.

People are not involved in their own care and support in a way that makes them feel they matter. People living in staffed housing are isolated and their relatives and friends feel disconnected from them.

Visiting restrictions have been put in place and people using services have been asked to leave if they have raised concerns.

The service does not understand the particular needs of young adults in transition to adult services. As a result it fails to meet their needs.

Last updated:
21 August 2017


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