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Managing risks

  • Organisations we regulate

S.2 How are risks to people assessed and their safety monitored and managed so they are supported to stay safe and their freedom is respected?

S2.1 What arrangements are there to manage risks appropriately, and to make sure that people are involved in decisions about any risks they may take?

S2.2 How do risk management policies and procedures minimise restrictions on people’s freedom, choice and control, in particular for people who lack mental capacity?

S2.3 Are people's records accurate, complete, legible, up-to-date, securely stored and available to relevant staff so that they support people to stay safe?

S2.4 Are formal and informal methods used to share information with appropriate parties on risks to people’s care, treatment and support?

S2.5 Are there thorough, questioning and objective investigations into whistleblowing or staff concerns, safeguarding, and accidents or incidents? Are action plans developed, and are they monitored to make sure they are delivered?

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Premises management
applies to care homes only

S2.6 How is equipment, which is owned or used by the provider, managed to support people to stay safe? How are the premises and safety of communal and personal spaces (such as bedrooms) and the living environment checked and managed to support people to stay safe? How does the provider manage risks where they provide support in premises they are not responsible for?

S2.7 How do staff seek to understand, prevent and manage behaviour that the service finds challenging? How are individuals supported when their behaviour challenges? How well does this align with best practice?

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22 January 2020


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