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Accessible premises: inadequate

  • Organisations we regulate

E5. How are people supported to live healthier lives, have access to healthcare services and receive ongoing healthcare support?

Characteristics of services we would rate as inadequate in this area

The service makes decisions about changing or altering the environment without involving the people who use the service, or considering their cultural or support needs.

The facilities and premises do not meet people's needs or help maintain their independence. There is limited accessible space for people to use, and the service does not carry out risk assessments where the environment may have an impact on people using the service.

The service has not adapted the premises to improve people's quality of life and promote their wellbeing.

There is no specialist or adaptive equipment available and this compromises people's safety, dignity and treatment. The service does not see the benefits of technology for improving the outcomes for people who use the service.

Last updated:
16 October 2017


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