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Accessible premises: good

  • Organisations we regulate

E5. How are people supported to live healthier lives, have access to healthcare services and receive ongoing healthcare support?

Characteristics of services we would rate as good in this area

People are involved in decisions about the premises and environment, regardless of their ability to communicate.

Individual preferences, and cultural and support needs are reflected in how premises are adapted or decorated.

People have access to outside space that has been assessed for risks, a quiet area to see their visitors, an area suitable for activities and private areas when people wish to be alone. Decorations and adaptations to the premises are laid out in a way that is accessible and helps to promote independence.

Specialist or adaptive equipment is made available as and when needed to deliver better care and support. People are helped to make choices about adaptive equipment.

The service uses technology and equipment to meet people's care and support needs and to support their independence, in line with their best interests.

Last updated:
16 October 2017


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