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Ratings display toolkit

  • Organisations we regulate

We've produced a set of easy-to-use tools to help you display your ratings. We recommend you use these to ensure you meet this requirement.

Ready-made ratings display solutions: poster and widget

The tools available on our website will enable you to meet the requirement to display your ratings both on your premises and online.

Ratings requirement CQC tool

1. Physical display of ratings on your premises

Download and print your own ready-made poster(s).

2. Online ratings display on your website

Embed the CQC widget, which displays your organisations ratings, on your website.

Do you need to display ratings?


The page for a provider with a rating
You’ll need to display ratings if the page for your service shows one of these ratings – Outstanding, Good, Requires Improvement, or Inadequate.


The page for a provider without a rating
You don’t need to display ratings if the page for your service shows the tick or cross symbols from our old type of inspection OR it displays a message saying that the service has not yet been inspected

Where are the posters and widgets?

To download your poster and pick up your widget code, you'll first need to find your organisation's web pages on our website.

How to find your page

Service providers have two types of page on our website: the provider page and location pages.

  • The provider page is the page for the organisation that runs the service. This might be an acute trust or a company that runs care homes.
  • The location (or 'premises') page is the page for the place where services are delivered. This might be a hospital, a care home or a GP surgery. All of the locations run by a particular provider are listed on their provider page.

You can use the search box at the top of any page of our site to search for your provider or location pages.

Location of the CQC widgets and posters download links

image showing download links for widgets and posters

Your CQC ratings poster

Once you have found your organisation's web pages on the CQC website, look for the following link at the bottom of the page:

You are required to display posters for all services CQC has rated. The link to these will appear on separate CQC pages, so make sure you check all your organisation’s pages on our website to access your full range of posters.

You'll find instructions about how to print your poster and how to display it under What do I have to do for the physical display?.

Can’t find a poster link on your CQC web page(s)?

If there are no links to the posters and widget on your page, it may be that you don’t yet have a rating. See Do you need to display ratings? above for guidance on whether you have been rated. As soon as you are rated the poster should appear. If you know you’ve had a rating but you still can’t find the poster, email

Your CQC widget

A CQC widget that displays your CQC ratings is available for you to embed on your web page. Web widgets are very common – these are small pieces of code that are easy to place on a webpage, and are often used to display information from other sites.

We recommend using the widget to display your ratings online because:

  • It displays all the information required by the regulation.
  • It fetches the rating or inspection result from our system and displays the result on your website.
  • It automatically links to the correct page on our website where people can find your inspection report and your ratings.
  • It’s automatically updated if a rating or inspection result changes.
  • If we make changes to the widget – for example to make improvements in the future – there's no need for you to embed it again. It will be updated automatically.

Once you have found your organisation's web pages on our website, look for the following link at the bottom of the relevant page(s):

If you embedded the temporary widget for a premises' ratings before 1 April, it will have automatically updated to display your ratings. (There are some exceptions for adult social care services.)

How many widgets should I display?

Depending on your organisation, you may need to display more than one widget.  Your website should display:

  • the overall rating awarded at provider level, where applicable – for example, if you are an NHS trust
  • the overall rating(s) for all your premises, where applicable – for example, for all hospitals or care homes

You'll find details on where to place the widget(s) on your website here.

How do I embed the widget?

To embed the widget:

  1. On your organisation's web pages on the CQC website, look for the following link at the bottom of the relevant page(s): 'Put this information on your website'.
  2. Remember to check all your organisation's pages for this link, including the provider page if you are required to display a provider rating as well as premises rating(s). (See How many widgets should I display? above).
  3. Click on this link and you'll be asked to give your email address.
  4. You'll then reach a page headed 'Get the CQC widget for this service' which will give a preview of what the widget will look like (as shown above) and details of the code you need to cut and paste into a HTML webpage on your website.

More guidance on using the widget is available here.

Alternatives to the widget for displaying your ratings online

If you are unable to embed the widget on your website, you can use the Powerpoint templates below to make an image showing your rating. Alternatively you can create your own display using CQC brand images.

However, the widget is a better option for the reasons outlined above, so only use these if you have found the widget too difficult to use.

If you are having problems with the widget, be sure to check our widget guidance.

Powerpoint template

Below are the PowerPoint files you can use to display your ratings.

Download the Powerpoint file(s) relevant to your organisation’s rating(s), as well as the instructions on how to create your ratings image.

Once created, upload the image(s) to your website and link to the relevant page(s) for your organisation on the CQC website.

1. Powerpoint ratings images

2. Powerpoint image instructions.

CQC brand images

If you cannot use the widget or the Powerpoint template, we can provide you with the CQC logo and ratings images to create your own display. Email to request images.

Please note that you may only use the CQC logo as part of a display showing your organisation's ratings.

Last updated:
07 August 2018


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