Report an unregistered service

Page last updated: 13 November 2023

All organisations providing health or social care services must first be registered with us. This includes hospitals, clinics, residential care and nursing homes, agencies offering care in your home, dental practices and, from April 2013, GP surgeries.

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It is a criminal offence to provide any of the types of service we regulate without being registered. If you believe any of the services we regulate are being provided by somebody not registered with us, we want to know about it.

If we find any reports of unregistered services are accurate, we will take swift action.

You can search for services registered with us or the organisations responsible for them using the search bar near the top left of this page.

How to report an unregistered service

Click the button below to tell us about a service you believe is operating illegally. You do not have to give us your name or contact details but if you do it may help us investigate the case.

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You can find out more about the Services we regulate or how to Contact us with other queries.