Our strategic measures

Page last updated: 14 November 2023

To measure our performance against the strategy, we will assess the degree to which we can demonstrate that:

People and communities

1. We consistently listen to people to inform our decision-making, and we take appropriate action based on their experiences of care.

2. We have set a clear definition of quality and safety based on what people say matters to them, and this is used consistently by people who use services, and at all levels of health and social care.

3. We have developed our ways of working in partnership with people from the start.

Smarter regulation

4. We are proportionate, and we take the right action at the right time, in a coordinated way

5. Our ratings and other information about quality are kept up to date and are accurate.

6. It is easy for health and care services, the people who use them and stakeholders to exchange relevant information with us, and the information we provide is accessible, relevant, and useful.

Safety through learning

7. We have contributed to improvements in safety cultures.

8. We have contributed to safe care for people.

Accelerating improvement

9. We have accelerated improvements in the quality of care.

10. Our work encourages or enables safe innovation in care that benefits people or results in more effective and efficient services.

Core ambitions: Assessing health and social care systems, and tackling inequalities in health and social care

11. We have encouraged improved joint working within and across health and social care systems.

12. We have encouraged action to reduce inequalities for people accessing and using health and social care services.

To do this we will look at a range of internal and external data and conduct surveys of our stakeholders to understand:

  • The changes that have occurred relating to the outcomes we want to achieve, and whether we have contributed to these changes.
  • Whether people, health and care services, our partners, and other stakeholders think we are doing the right things and that we are doing them well.