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Registering for the first time

If you are starting out as a new provider of health or social care services or you want to apply to become a registered manager for an existing service, this area of our website is aimed at you.

Here you will find details about our registration system, how it works and what you will need to do in order to successfully complete your application. We have produced step-by-step guides to help you understand the stages involved in getting registered.

If you are an existing provider of dental, independent ambulance or primary medical services and you are trying to complete an application to bring your organisation into our system of regulation, there is guidance in another section of this website.

Find guidance for primary medical services or dental and independent ambulance services.

How to apply

Find out about how to apply to register as a new provider or registered manager of a health or social care service.

Highlights from this section

What is registration?

Find answers to the most common questions about registration and read our explanations of some of the key terms we use in the registration process.

Regulated activities

Find guidance for professionals about what regulated activities are and how to tell if each one applies to your service.

Last updated:
25 September 2014