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Using CQC data

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We want to be as open and transparent as we can be with the information we collect, analyse and store.

As a result, we make the complete directory of places where CQC regulated care is provided in England available as a download and we offer a widget which lets people embed summary information about each of the places we regulate.

We are also developing partnerships with other websites to increase the amount of feedback we get from the public about health and care services.

We encourage people to use these tools to build their own services – especially those that help people find out about the health and social care options available to them.

Our widget lets anyone embed CQC information on their own website. Each place that is regulated by CQC has a widget showing their CQC rating (or a summary of the results of CQC’s latest checks for those not yet rated), along with a link to its full profile on

This is particularly useful for:

  • providers that are rated by CQC who are required by law to display their ratings
  • providers that are regulated by CQC who want to show that they are registered with CQC
  • people who build directory services.

How to get the widget

For more information on getting the widget for the place you are interested in, see our CQC Widget help page.

Latest files

Locations regulated by CQC

This file contains a complete list of the places in England where care is regulated by CQC.
It includes every hospital, care home, GP, dentist and home care agency in England as well as other types of service like ambulances, prison care services and hospices.

We usually update this file once a week.

Follow @CQCsyndication on Twitter to find out when new files are published.

See our archive of files.

Care directory with filters

This file contains details of registered managers and care home bed numbers.
It also allows you to easily filter by the regulated activities, service types or service user bands.

We usually update this file once a month.

See our archive of care directory with filters files.

Care directory with ratings

This file contains details of the latest rating for each service.

We usually update this file once a month.

See our archive of care directory with ratings files.

Deactivated locations

This file contains details of locations that were previously regulated by CQC and have since been deactivated.

A location can be deactivated for a number of reasons, and not necessarily because the service has closed. For example, it may have re-registered because it has made changes to its legal structure or changed address.

How you can use this information

This information is available under the Open Government Licence, which means you can:

  • copy, publish, distribute and transmit the information, as long as you do this in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and acknowledge the source.
  • adapt the information, as long as you do not misrepresent it or use it to mislead people.
  • use the information commercially, for example by combining it with other information, or by including it in your own product or application.

Before you use the information, you should read the full terms of the licence.

Crediting CQC

If you use our CSV file, please acknowledge somewhere on your site or service that you are using CQC information.

Contact us or send us feedback

If you have questions or feedback please let us know on Twitter at @CQCsyndication or by email to


We now make a lot of the information about services we regulate available through an ‘API’.

What is an API?

An API is an application programming interface. It’s a tool that can be used by developers to build websites, apps and other software which update automatically.

Even if you’re not aware of APIs, you may well use them without realising it. The Met Office and Transport for London (TfL) make weather and travel information available in this way and this is used by a variety of mobile apps.

What information is available through the CQC API?

Our API includes a list of all providers (both those currently registered and those that have now deregistered) and locations (again, both those currently active and those that are now inactive).

You can also retrieve information relating to registration and inspection for individual providers and locations such as:

  • The name of the service
  • The date their registration under the Health & Social Care Act started
  • The date their registration under the Health & Social Care Act ended (for deregistered providers only)
  • The type of organisation (e.g. social care, NHS healthcare)
  • The address
  • Any information on linked organisations (such as when a location was previously run by a different provider)
  • The regulated activities registered
  • Service types and specialisms (for locations only)
  • Latest published ratings
  • Publication dates for the latest report.

How do I access the API?

To get technical details, please visit the API Portal. You don’t need to register with us in order to use the API – it’s open access.

As with our CSV file, the data in the API is made available under the Open Government Licence and by using it you are accepting the conditions of this licence.

Get started now on our API Portal

How often is the data refreshed?

It’s updated daily. This is the same frequency as the information about services on this website.

How do I get support?

If you want to give feedback or ask questions about the API, please email

We capture the reviews and comments that people leave on other websites to help us decide when, where and what to inspect.

These are the websites that we have partnered with to capture information:

The information they share with us can include comments, reviews and ratings.

Partner with us and show the Share Review panel

Your website must meet certain criteria to partner with us.

If you meet the criteria, we can then accept the information that people submit on your website.

When you share information with us, you can also feature the CQC Share Review panel on your website. This shows your visitors about your work to share information with us and feed into the work we are doing to improve services.

Terms and conditions of the Share Review panel

To use the panel above, you must comply with the terms and conditions of its use and sign a data sharing agreement with us.

You can read the terms and conditions below.

Email with the subject line ‘Review Partner Enquiry’ for more information about becoming a review partner and signing a data sharing agreement.


Last updated:
14 July 2017


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