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How to apply

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Application checklist

Before you apply to register with us you must have all the relevant information to be able to make a valid application. Use the checklist below to help you.

1. What is your legal entity?

See 'What is a provider?' on our What is registration? page.

2. Which regulated activities do you wish to provide?

See 'What is a regulated activity?' on our What is registration? page.

3. Where you will be providing these regulated activities?

See 'What is a location?' on our What is registration? page.

4. Who will manage those activities for you?

See 'What is a registered manager?' on our What is registration? page. 

If you are applying as an individual, you do not usually need to have a separate registered manager, unless you do not intend to be in full-time day-to-day charge of running and managing the service.

5. Do you understanding the requirements of registration?

Read our regulations on registration:

Care Quality Commission (Registration) Regulations 2009 PDF | 119.45 KB

6. Do you understand the essential standards?

See 'What are essential standards?' on our What is registration? page.

7. Have you written your statement of purpose?

Find out more about the statement of purpose. You'll find more detailed information here.

Guidance: Statement of purpose PDF | 218.04 KB

8. Have you applied for all relevant DBS checks?

Make sure all relevant applicants have applied for a CQC enhanced DBS check.

9. Are your premises ready?

Your premises need to be ready and all equipment and staff in place before you submit your application. 

How do I submit an application?

Once you are ready to begin your application, you should follow the process we have set out to ensure you include all the necessary information and documents.

Use our step-by-step guides to walk you through the process and give you relevant guidance. You can also download a PDF guide to the application process. 

Step-by-step guides

Download our guide to the application process:


Once you have completed your application, have a look at our most Common errors before you submit it.

What happens next?

Once you have submitted your application, we will process it and make a decision.

If you want to make changes to your application during this time, you can find help along with details about how we process and reach a decision on your application below.

What happens after I've submitted my application?


Last updated:
3 February 2015