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Inpatient survey 2013

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This survey looked at the experiences of over 62,000 people who were admitted to an NHS hospital in 2013.

Eligibility and participation

  • Participants: 62,443
  • Response rate: 49 per cent
  • Age range: 16 years and older
  • Time period:  September 2013 to January 2014
  • Eligibility: Patients aged 16 years or older, with at least one overnight stay between June to August 2013.
  • Exclusions: Patients treated for maternity or psychiatric reasons, patients admitted for planned termination of pregnancy, day case patients, private patients (non-NHS).

Key findings for England

Results show that there have been improvements for many questions, including questions asking about:

  • information provision.
  • communication with staff.
  • cleanliness of hospital wards and bathrooms.

However, while improvements have been seen in some questions asking about respondents' experiences of leaving hospital, this remains an area where further improvement is needed.

Very few questions showed a decline. A number of questions have remained stable meaning scope for continued improvement remains in some key areas such as involving patients in their care and treatment, information provision and discharge arrangements.

Results for England

Read the National summary, which describes all of our findings for England as a whole.

Inpatient survey 2013: National summary PDF | 73.39 KB

The results tables include comparisons with findings from the 2012 survey and identify statistically significant changes.

Inpatient survey 2013: National tables PDF | 327.71 KB

Results for NHS trusts

These results show how trusts performed on questions that could be scored in each area covered by the questionnaire.

The technique used to analyse these results allows us to identify which trusts we can confidently say performed 'better', 'worse' or 'about the same'.

View the A-Z list of inpatient survey results by NHS trust.

Each trust was also provided with a benchmark report which provides more detail about the data on our NHS trust pages.

Download these reports at NHS Surveys.

For detailed information on how we analysed the trust results, please read the technical document below.

Inpatient survey 2013: Technical document PDF | 212.75 KB

Pre-release access list

You can find a list of individuals that had access to the results of the survey prior to publication below.

Inpatient survey 2013: Pre-release access PDF | 18.43 KB

How will the results be used?

We will use information drawn from the survey as part of our Intelligent monitoring of hospitals.

NHS trusts will use the results to improve their own performance and to understand their patients’ experiences.

Data from the survey is also used by other national bodies such as NHS England and the Department of Health to support their functions.  

Last updated:
12 March 2015