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Our email alerts

On this website, you can now sign up to receive alerts about our inspections of your local care services.

You can subscribe to receive alerts from the profile of any service in England just by following a link in the top right of the page.

If you subscribe to an alert, you will receive one email when we have inspected the service and another when we publish the resulting report (usually within five weeks).

How to subscribe to an alert

In order to sign up to an alert for a service, just find the relevant profile page on our website. You can do this by entering the name, post code or town into the search box above and then clicking on the relevant name in the results.

Image of email alerts link

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Once you have found the service you want to receive alerts for, simply click the 'Subscribe to email alert' link towards the top right of the page.

Image of email alert page

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You will be taken to a page confirming the service and asking you to enter your email address.

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Once you have done this and checked our Privacy statement, you should click the 'Sign up for alert' button to submit the request.

You will then receive an email to your address asking you to confirm the alert.

Image of alert confirmation email

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When you receive this email, you must click on the link to confirm the alert. You will not receive any alerts until you have clicked this link.

Once the alert is confirmed, you will start to receive emails. If you only sign up for one or two alerts, you will not receive emails very frequently - they will only be sent when we inspect or publish a report on your chosen services.

How to unsubscribe from an alert

In every alert email sent to you, there is a link to allow you to unsubscribe. If you no longer wish to receive the emails, you should follow this link.