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Every registered provider will pay a single annual fee on the same date each year. This fee will cover all registration and compliance requirements for all locations.

Details of our fees scheme for 2014/15, which applies until 31 March 2015, can be found here.

Fees for 2015/16

Full details of the scheme for 2015/16, which is applicable from 1 April 2015, are available to download below.

We have also published a summary and analysis of responses to our consultation, as well as our regulatory impact assessment.

Fees scheme 2015/16 PDF | 139.2 KB

Fees scheme 2015/16: Guidance for providers PDF | 136.32 KB

Fees scheme 2015/16: Summary of responses to our consultation PDF | 180.9 KB

Fees scheme 2015/16: Consultation analysis report PDF | 691.89 KB

Fees scheme 2015/16: Regulatory impact assessment PDF | 179.47 KB

Our long-term fees strategy

Our long term aim is to fully recover the costs of our regulatory activities.

The financial impact of the new regulatory model and definitions of costs which fall into scope for full cost recovery are currently being reviewed. We will formulate our longer-term strategy over the course of the next year.

Our approach to fees follows the six principles below.

  • To be fair
  • Reflect costs
  • Contribute to our regulatory model
  • Be simple
  • Be transparent
  • Be visionary

A fees advisory panel has been created, made up of providers and their representative organisations from across the sectors we regulate. This panel is considering our plans and helping to inform the long-term direction of our fees model.

We will carry out another public consultation at the end of this year, which will consider the next set of changes to the model for 2016/17.

Frequently asked questions

When is my fee due?

You will be invoiced on the same date each year. The date will depend on your specific circumstances, but is usually the anniversary of the date of your registration.

Providers that are new to registration will receive their first annual fee invoice once their registration has been completed  and they have received their certificate of registration.

You will be sent your invoice in advance of your payment due date.

How do I pay my fee?

Full details of how to pay will be outlined in your invoice.

How do I calculate my fee?

You can use our fees calculator to work out your fee under our 2014/15 scheme.

Find your fee now

Who do I contact if I have any questions about my fee?

You can contact our National Customer Service Centre if you have any questions about registration fees.


Telephone: 03000 616161

Or you can write to us:

CQC National Customer Service Centre
Newcastle upon Tyne

Last updated:
1 April 2015