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One of the common errors we have experienced in applications has been that providers and managers submit the wrong forms. To avoid this, we've developed a form finder to guide you to the right application.

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How to use the form finder

The form finder will ask you a series of questions about your registration status and your role. It will then show you all relevant application types so you can download the forms and guidance you need.

Once you select the type of application you want to make, you will get a final page that explains who the form is for, gives a real life example of when it might be used and provides links to other documents you may wish to use.

How to use our forms

Our forms are published as protected Word files that allow you to tab or click between boxes to fill them out. For many forms, there are additional sections you may need to download if your application concerns more than one location, regulated activity, manager, partner or condition. These are available from the same pages as the main form itself.

Please remember that we update these forms periodically so you should download a new copy each time you make an application. If you submit an application on an outdated form, we may reject it.

Last updated:
8 June 2017


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