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We co-ordinate surveys to collect feedback on the experiences of people using a range of health care services provided by the NHS.

The results are used in a range of ways, including the assessment of NHS performance as well as in regulatory activities such as registration, monitoring ongoing compliance and reviews.

Accident and emergency survey 2014

This survey collected information on the experiences of almost 40,000 patients who had received care from an accident and emergency department at the beginning of 2014.

Community mental health survey 2014

This survey collected information from over 13,500 people who received community mental health services.

Ambulance survey of ‘Hear and Treat’ callers 2013/14

This survey looked at the experiences of over 2,900 people who called an ambulance service in December 2013 and January 2014.

Inpatient survey 2013

This survey gathered the experiences of over 62,00 people who were admitted to hospital with at least one overnight stay.

Maternity services survey 2013

This survey collected the experiences of over 23,000 women who had a live birth between January - March 2013.

Outpatient survey 2011

This survey collected patients' experiences of their most recent visit to an outpatient department.

Last updated:
11 December 2014