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Services we regulate

As the regulator, a major part of our job is to monitor services’ performance against national standards.

We regulate:

  • treatment, care and support provided by hospitals, GPs dentists, ambulances and mental health services.
  • treatment, care and support services for adults in care homes and in people’s own homes (both personal and nursing care).
  • services for people whose rights are restricted under the Mental Health Act.

Our new role in the market oversight of care homes

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Market oversight of adult social care

Market oversight will be a new regulatory duty for us from 1 April 2015.

We'll be required to oversee the financial health of difficult-to-replace providers of care homes and other social care services. 

Our work under the Mental Health Act

We protect the rights of people being treated under the Mental Health Act. Our aim is to improve the outcome for every person who uses care services commissioned under the Act.

We help to promote social inclusion and recovery by ensuring that individual needs are met.

Mental Health Act Reviewers

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Mental Health Act Reviewers

Our Mental Health Act Reviewers visit all hospital wards that detain people under the Mental Health Act. They meet and speak with patients and make sure that staff use their powers under the Act appropriately. They also visit patients who have been discharged from hospital on a community treatment order or under guardianship.

Another part of a commissioner’s job is to help people make a complaint and raise issues with staff and managers.

If we find that a member of staff has abused their powers under the Mental Health Act, we can take action to make sure it is resolved.

Last updated:
30 October 2014