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Involving people who use services

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We try to involve people who use health and social care services in everything we do.

Experts by Experience

Experts by Experience are people who have experience of using care services. They take part in our inspections of health and social care services and our visits to monitor the use of the Mental Health Act.

They are recruited, supported and managed by support organisations who have contracts with CQC.

Working with young people

We have started to look at how we can involve children and young people in our inspections. To help us plan this, we ran a workshop with a group of young people aged between 14-21 years old.

Working with young people PDF | 737.81 KB

We have also carried out eight workshops with children and young people with a focus on their views and experiences of visiting their GP and dentist. Read the results of the workshops below.

Children and young people's experiences of GPs and dentists PDF | 111.11 KB

We have since set up a CQC’s children and young people advisory group in November 2012 to help us develop our ways of working with children and young people. The group has around 20 young people aged 9 to 21 with a wide range of experiences of using care services.

Your experience

We use the experiences of people who receive care to help us build a picture of each care service. Whether it’s positive or negative, we need to hear about it.

We will use the information you share with us to help us judge whether we need to inspect the service sooner than planned and whether it is meeting standards.

Visit Sharing your experience to find out how to share information with us online.

Your complaints about care

We use information from complaints to help us find out about the service's performance and the improvements it needs to make.

We are currently improving the way we collect, listen to, share and act on complaints people make about services because we know they provide important information about the quality of care.

Visit Make a complaint for more information.

Working with local groups

We have set up various groups with people who have experience of using care services.

These groups share and listen to each others’ experiences and give people the opportunity to work closely with carers, experts and major organisations to discuss areas of improvement.

We will be working much more closely with local Healthwatch to improve our knowledge of care on a local level. This will include sharing information we receive from the public about their experiences.

Find out more in Working with local groups.

Patterns of health and social care

We monitor patterns of health and social care in two ways.

  • Our patient surveys collect the views of people using a range of health care services provided by the NHS.
  • We look at national and local patterns of care, known as Themed inspections, across different services.


Last updated:
13 May 2016