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Guidance for providers

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Our new approach to inspection

Get an overview of our new inspection process and rating system.


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If you're setting up a new care service or you're the new manager of an existing service you'll need to register with us.

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Handbooks and guidance

Adult social care

 Information for care homes, services that provide care in people's homes and other adult social care providers.


 Guidance for hospitals, mental health and community health services providers.

Primary medical care

 Guidance for providers of primary medical services, including GP surgeries, out-of-hours services and NHS walk-in centres.

Human rights approach

 Respecting diversity, promoting equality and ensuring human rights will help us ensure people receive high quality care.


For care professionals

Special inspection programmes

Find out about special inspection programmes and how we monitor ionising radiation and controlled drugs.

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Blow the whistle

Raise a concern about a service you work for.

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