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Guidance for providers

Already registered?

If you have already registered with us as a provider or manager then this section contains all the information relevant to you.

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Not yet registered?

If you are setting up a new health or adult social care service, or are the new manager of an existing service, you will need to apply to us.

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GPs & primary medical services

GPs and other primary medical services were required to register by 31 March 2013. If you still need to register use the relevant link below.

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Mental health services

Read about our work to protect people receiving treatment under the Mental Health Act and download our guidance for providers.

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Get involved with our work

Join our online communities, find out about our stakeholder committee, take part in consultations or sign up for our newsletters.

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Special inspection programmes

Find out about our special programme of inspections, and monitoring of ionising radiation and controlled drugs.

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Last updated:
2 September 2014