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For GP practices and out-of-hours service providers

  • Organisations we regulate

This section is for GP surgeries and out-of-hours services. It's where you'll find guidance on our new approach to regulating services, including our provider handbook and information about registration and fees.

Our new approach

We began using our new approach to inspect and regulate GP and GP out-of-hours services on 1 October 2014. We explain our approach in our provider handbook and appendices.

About our new approach

Under our new approach:

  • We will put people who use services at the centre of our work – we will listen, involve and respond to people’s experiences of care.
  • Inspection teams will be tailored to the service it is inspecting – it will be led by an inspector with a GP on every inspection, and may include a practice manager or practice nurse and an Expert by Experience.
  • We will use Intelligent Monitoring to decide when, where and what to inspect, the methods for listening better to people’s experiences of care and using the best information across the system.
  • Inspectors  will use professional judgement, supported by objective measures and evidence, to assess services against our five key questions:
    • Are they safe?
    • Are they effective?
    • Are they caring?
    • Are they responsive to people's needs?
    • Are they well-led?
  • We will rate services – these ratings will help people to compare services and to highlight where care is outstanding, good, requires improvement or inadequate.
  • Our inspectors will use a standard set of key lines of enquiry (KLOEs) that directly relate to the five key questions – are they safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led? This will ensure consistency and focus on those areas that matter most.

What to expect from an inspection

We have made it clear that our new approach is designed to improve the quality of care people receive. We have developed a series of tools we hope you find helpful in preparing for your CQC inspection.

Please read our short document:

What to expect when we inspect PDF | 499.43 KB

Case studies

We've put together a number of case studies to help you understand our new inspection approach.

Online services

Keeping your registration up-to-date

You should have received an email from us with log-in details for your online services account. This enables you to keep your registration with us up-to-date online.

Log in to your account at

If you have not yet received an email with log-in details, speak to your provider or registered manager and they will be able to set up an account for you if they wish. If nobody at your provider has received an email with log-in details then please Contact us.

You can read more on our GP accounts page.

Alternatively, to make changes to you registration, such as adding or removing locations, regulated activities or partners – please complete the relevant application which you can find here.


All registered providers must notify us about a number of changes, events and incidents affecting their service or the people who use it. You can find the forms you will need on the page below.

Read more about Notifications for GP providers.

Please note that from early October 2014, we will be launching online notifications for SN16 and SN18.

This will allow all providers with an online account the ability to share information in relation to the following notifications using their online service account (see above for more information about online services):

  • Incidents reported to or investigated by the police
  • Abuse or allegations of abuse concerning a person who uses the service
  • Notification about an application to deprive a person of their liberty
  • Death of a person using the service
  • Events that stop the service running safely and properly
  • Serious injury to a person who uses the service

Not yet registered?

If you are going to be starting to provide primary medical services or if you did not submit your registration application before 1 April, you must now apply as a new provider. You can find the form you need at the link below.

How to get involved

We have developed our new approach by working with providers, people who use services and other key partners.

We will continue to work with providers and other stakeholders to make sure that the development of our approach reflects their views.

Join our online community

Our online community allows providers to give feedback on our ideas and draft documents.

Last updated:
24 February 2015